Nishanth Anand

Hello curious mind!

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at McGill University and Mila, Montreal, Canada. I work on Reinforcement Learning, both deep and non-deep. I am supervised by Prof. Doina Precup.

I want to understand how humans selectively attribute success or failure to the decisions taken in the past and use this understanding to build AI agents that do the same. In other words, I am interested in solving the temporal credit assignment problem in reinforcement learning.

I believe AI can solve many problems across domains and make our lives easy. I also like to think that we would be synergistically living with AI agents in the future.

I completed my MSc in Computer Science at McGill University before starting a Ph.D. I worked on solving temporal credit assignment through traces as a part of my thesis.

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering at PES Institue of Technology, Bangalore, India. After graduation, I worked in the AI team at Fractal Analytics for two years.

You can find my CV here.